Monday, 22 November 2010

Was it wrong of me to laugh?

I had an unexpected half day of work today so wanted to make full use of the extra time.

As usual I divide the time between being with my animals and my writing, so I was so pleased that I managed to let the girls out for a while to stretch their wings. Although they love their cozy coop which is safe while I am work, it's great to see them pottering around the garden while there is some daylight and today they welcomed the few hours outside of the chicken coop.

When they have a bit of freedom they always do the funky chicken meets 'Eddy the Eagle Edwards' act but today they did a new routine that would not go a miss in strictly come dancing.(well in some cases anyway!)

The ground was very wet and slippy. As they emerged one by one from the coop, they did their own star turn by flapping their wings in delight, running as fast as they could - then doing a mud slide in most un-dignified manner.

I did notice that each of them did not learn from the previous one's mistakes and just went for it anyway, all falling in the same spot, poor things! Was it wrong of me to laugh?


  1. A bit unkind, but I expect there were no hurt feelings, just a few ruffled feathers... :0)

  2. I don't think it was wrong of you to laugh. I reckon you should go take them for a drink at the 'Mucky Duck' :-)