Wednesday, 24 March 2010

I can see right through you!

I had to share this picture of my little hens. They were fascinated by this wire egg basket for some reason. I thought this picture shows them as individual little characters, unlike the poor metal chuck in front of them.

Today I wanted to take some photos inside the coop. I sat down on the floor at their level and started to take pictures.

As I was concentrating on one hen, the other three started to walk over my legs without any fear of human contact.

It was so special. I pick them up quite a lot, but that is on my own terms, and they have no choice. They flap their wings and struggle, but today I experienced it on their terms.

It was magical to feel the warmth of such a tiny animal against me, and even better because they obviously felt no threat, or did they see right through me?

Hope not.

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