Sunday, 28 February 2010

Just around the corner

"Hello girls, are you coming out to play?"

"Are you joking? It's horrid out there. We are fed up of the snow and rain. Even the 'Feather Girls' said it had been the worst winter in 30 years."

"I know, everyone feels the same at the moment, but look at this! Spring is just around the corner. The buds are starting to come out and the ground is getting softer."

"Ok, we will give it a try. I suppose, that veggie patch looks interesting".

"She's right, the ground has started to defrost a bit. I think there is a worm in there somewhere. Bagsy the first one!"

"Oh those are very pretty too, shame they are not edible."

"And those too, but I suppose Daffodils are an important part of Spring, and people seem to love them, they even write poems about them!"

"Oh but having a dust bath in the 'nearly spring sunshine' is so cool, perhaps a little bit too cool, but never the less, it feels good."

"And now I really do feel like a 'Spring Chicken' Yes, I think Spring is just around the corner!"


  1. Hi Diane,
    Ah I remember 'The Feather Girls'. Didn't they do a song titled 'It's Raining Hens'? lol
    Another lovely pictorial story. The wonders of Spring, will be soon on the way...I hope:-)
    Take very good care, Diane.
    With respect and kindness, Gary

  2. Come out and play today - it's lovely weather!

  3. You have such pretty chickens!
    The hens really do enjoy a bit of sun. We are going to have rain for two more days.

  4. Oh Di, it's lovely to see that spring is definitely on its way, although I was beginning to think it would never happen but just goes to prove nothing can stop the power of nature.

    I was really cheered to see snowdrops on the embankment at the top of my road and the birds well, they're busy too. It's been a long, hard winter and I can't say I'm sorry to see it coming to an end but oh it's spring wonderful?

    Thank you for sharing your girls with us - they really are a joy.


  5. Hi Di,
    Could you do me a very big favour and add yourself as a follower on my 'book' blog please? It might encourage other people to do the same. It's still under construction, I'm trying to get my Grandson to remove all the black!

    Thanks, Carole. x

  6. No your recent post on the other blog didn't make it. And when I clicked on the link from here it said the blog post didn't exist. Have you got Norton or one of the other virus programmes? I'll see if I can find the culprit from this end and then type it into Google and often a solution comes up.