Friday, 26 June 2009

A friend like Ben

I could not let today pass by without paying tribute to Michael Jackson who died yesterday. It was such a shock to learn of his death and I admit to weeping when a clip was shown of him singing 'Ben'. It was from the film about a boy who befriends a rat, only he could touch the hearts of people by singing about a creature that most people despise.

I went up to see the girls and sat for a minute inside the coop. It was all so still, then suddenly my own resident rodent appeared. I usually scream and run from the site when I see a rat but today I saw him in a different light.

It's not ideal to have rodents near by, but when you have chickens, it's the norm and I realise I will have to do something about it, but today that little rat touched my heart and it was all because of a legendary pop icon. His memory and his music will live on.

1 comment:

  1. Oh Di,

    What a lovely touching post. Strange how celebrities and the things they do affect us.

    Best wishes to you.