Monday, 13 April 2009

Easter Magic

'Phew, I'm shattered! That's been a very busy Easter. I need a rest now'

'Excuse me! We do all the hard work! We lay those eggs every day so that you can deliver them and YOU get all the praise!'

'Yes, but I'm magical. In my role as the 'Easter Bunny', I only have Easter time to get those eggs out and delivered. I'm just like Father Christmas - I work on a very tight schedule and I'm under a great deal of stress'.

'Boring' - You're away with the faires'

Look at this!

'As well as being a mean, lean , laying machine - I can make my head dissapear - any time - any where - any place. Now that's magic!

'OK, yeah that's pretty cool. You're one magical chick. I'm going to chill out now and leave it until next year before I enter any more competition.


  1. At last! I have found a kindred spirit who is as barmy as I am!! Very funny, Diane - what a cutey your Easter bunny is!

  2. Hi Julie
    Yes, he is a merry little fellow.
    He will spend the rest of the year amongst the little people who visit my stone circle.
    So glad you enjoyed it